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Giannis Paraskevopoulos is in the service of his fellow man. As a young man he has been working in hotel companies for several years and has received positive reviews and distinctions, both from his clients and from his employers. A social person, dear, he becomes a member of cultural, sports and other clubs and President for seven years in the SA. Sykeon Basketball.
Upon ceasing his involvement with the hotel services, he decides to offer to his fellow man, founding a cooperative Social Service Company.
He quickly realizes that the choice of his associates does not match his character and sensitivity, both to the dead and to their relatives and fortunately decides in time to create his own one-person Social Service company with the distinctive title ΄ Funeral Home Giannis Paraskevopoulos ΄
Friends, clients, local lords and agents, church people but also just acquaintances, knowing his sensitive, serious, friendly and low-key character, applaud his move and support him from the first moment in various ways. The society of northern Greece and not only, immediately distinguishes the company Γιάν Funeral Home Giannis Paraskevopoulos ΄
His business is distinguished for its excellent technical training, low prices, dignity, experience, quality, service, respect for the dead and their relatives.
More than three hundred incidents per year, of all religious denominations, gives the company the lead in its field and the opportunity to serve at quite satisfactory prices.

We undertake:

- Ceremonies of insured of all funds, and military
- Ceremonies of all religious denominations and religions
- Transportation to and from all over Greece.
- Embalming
- Burning of the dead δοση delivery of the ashes to an ashtray}
- Memorial Ceremonies with excellent materials.

The human resources of the company. which is selected with strict criteria. consists of permanent and temporary experienced employees.
Privately owned, comfortable and functional spaces allow and facilitate the work for what is needed for the care of the deceased.
The huge exhibition of coffins with rich designs, consists of Greek and imported coffins, all of excellent quality and appearance, which give relatives the opportunity, both financially and visually to choose the right one for their loved one.
The luxurious sheets and pillows that dress the coffins inside are carefully selected.
Also noteworthy are the special tools, purchased from Greece and abroad, manuals, pedestals, iconostasis, candlesticks, etc. that help both the good organization and the luxurious appearance of the ceremony.
The decoration of the Temple and the house is made of fresh natural flowers placed in elegant vases and planters.
The quality and freshness but also the low prices of the above, is ensured by the cooperation with large companies of Thessaloniki and from the region.
Transport tools are two luxury Mercedes hearses, two Nissan-Mercedes auxiliary trucks, two passenger cars to serve the family of the deceased, as well as a third hearse that is being prepared soon.


Three words are enough to give the exact position of the company.
Service, Quality, Respect
ΓιάνFuneral Office of Giannis Paraskevopoulos΄΄

Prefer him!


Although the staff is highly trained and experienced, as mentioned above, the responsibility of the company Γιάν Giannis Paraskevopoulos Funeral Home λει requires that Giannis Paraskevopoulos himself attend and supervise most of the ceremonies.
The company works closely with funeral homes in Germany, England and Cyprus, receiving and sending corpses to and from around the world.
Perhaps here the clarification is needed that: There is no commercial relationship with another eponymous funeral home in Thessaloniki.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information, the office provides services 24 hours a day.